Start Date: October 2012

End Date: February 2014

You have what type of flat you are looking for in Konacık Modern.


We provide you the comfort of living in a detached garden with its modern design and construction quality at a central point in Konacık, the favorite place of Bodrum.

FLAT Apartments, one of the housing types offered by Konacık Modern houses; was built for those who seek calmness, peace, and naturalness.


Our project has 4 different types within an area of ​​6.000 m2;

8 2 + 1 flats,

8 3 + 1 flats,

4 detached duplexes with garden,

It consists of 4 flats with 4 detached gardens and a total of 24 independent sections.


  • Groundwork (cylindrical compaction) was made by geological groundwork.
  • C-30 concrete was used by applying the raft foundation system.
  • Basically, bundling water insulation and water and heat insulation was applied to the roofs.
  • 4 cm carbon EPS thermal insulation and grain textured jacketing plaster was applied.
  • Heat insulated Aluminum joinery is used.
  • Halogen-free materials were used in electrical installations.
  • In the sanitary installations of the buildings, heating systems were installed in each independent section by using the “VAWIN” silent pipe.
  • A camera system has been established for site security and peace of mind.
  • For independent sections of the site, a storage tank has been built for 25 tons of potable water and 50 tons of garden irrigation water.
  • By making the landscape arrangement of the site, large parking areas are reserved for the vehicles.