A unique project where you can enjoy your home in the center of life, sea and sun in every season.

Gravilla Yahşi rising in Ortakent Yahşi has apartments of different sizes designed for a privileged life. Gravilla Yahşi, which offers 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 flats, consists of 9 blocks with 18 flats. The project, designed with respect to nature, is being built on an area of ​​3,500 m2. Gravilla Yahşi also draws attention with its proximity to the central points with its apartment options ranging from 95m2 to 120m2 (~).

Gravilla Yahşi, 500 meters from Ortakent beach; It is located 400 meters from Yahsi garage, 5 minutes from Fun Town Yahşipark Entertainment Center and 10 minutes from Midtown Shopping Center and Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital. Gravilla Yahşi takes its name from Gravilla, which surrounds the project with its pink flowers that open in spring.

In Gravilla Yahşi, all contemporary insulation systems have been used so that you can spend cool and spacious summers and warm and comfortable winters. The project, where wide glass windows are preferred to create spacious and bright environments filled with daylight, also offers parking privileges to the residents.


  • According to geological ground surveys, C35 concrete was used by applying raft foundation system.
  • Water insulation was applied on the foundations of all buildings and water and heat insulation on the roofs.
  • Drainage channels against rain resistance have been created around the building and these channels have been turned into a decorative design element with visual gravels.
  • Jacketing Exterior Wall System, which has a qualified insulation solution on the exterior walls and reduces heating and cooling costs, has been implemented.
  • In exterior design; The modern stone façade application, which adds mobility and depth to the space in its most natural form and reduces the load on the building with its lightness, was preferred.
  • In heat insulated aluminum joinery, heat insulated comfort glass is used.
  • Apartment entrance doors are designed as stone-look steel doors.
  • Stairs and balcony railings are created with a modern layout made of iron profiles.
  • In electrical infrastructure installation; During the fire, HALOGEN FREE materials that do not conduct flame, are self extinguishing, do not emit toxic gases and have low smoke density.
  • Water Flood Detector was used against sudden flooding. As soon as the device feels flooding, it closes the MOTORIZED VALVE to stop the water.
  • Audio and video INTERCOM SYSTEMS are used for security purposes.
  • Building and environmental lighting; It is provided with LED lighting that is more durable than traditional light sources, has a long life and low power consumption.
  • SILENT PIPES have been used in roof rain water and building sewage installations to reduce contact sounds caused by vibrations within the building.
  • 30 tons of WATER TANK was used for garden irrigation.
  • BUILT-IN bathroom products have been used to provide greater freedom of movement and a clearer appearance in the bathrooms of all apartments.
  • Bathrooms; In order to reduce the risk of abrasion and easy cleaning, ceramic flooring materials are used in general floors and bedrooms, which reduce concrete coldness.